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How big were the collars that they needed to be BDed, were the polo players inhaling them, were they getting in their eyes? I still feel slightly bitter about the grey and white seersucker suit, but everything else, including the J Keydge jacket, has been great. The east coast of America during the s and s was without a doubt the spiritual home of the Ivy look.

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One can almost see the machinations in the authors minds as they try to create this new fantasy world indenti-kit for themselves that can incorporate all their mid-century Americana obsessions under one tidy umbrella. I thought I told you to get therapist, Chicago. Google if you have a strong stomach. Christopher Landauer October 8, at 8: But again, her father looks like an ogre.

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Madison Ivy - IMDb

Otherwise he would instantly strike some people down and send them straight to hell for the evil things they say and do. R18 The uproar feels funny and hypocritical given how many bitchy and offensive for sensitive souls posts are made on DL on a daily basis. She can pull a Kylie Jenner and be just fine. That was the first tip off. Besides plastic surgery, sometimes the features do end up fitting the face and it all turns out okay. That baby girl is ugly. They saved her for last and didn't disappoint. Two words; Minnie Driver. Forget average looking Beyonce. Look at the number of threads here that lead to this same bullshit Some aren't even thinly veiled anymore. But I make fun of the ugly kids regardless of race or gender. Little North, on the other hand, has some of both parents and will emerge from childhood attractive. I love the humor here. So she'll wait until it's seven or so and start having it worked on. Daughters look like their fathers. Just like this poor baby. Hell, just like Jenner, she'll say it wasn't surgery - only puberty - and legions of her families fans will believe it and spend hours online eviscerating anyone who says otherwise. They do the same thing to tear down women - they know it looks bad to attack "women's rights" head on, but will tear anything they do down by using "white feminist". She had to know this would happen. My brother is a mix of both. This is a new low for DL. Ladies don't marry no rich ugly men for your future daughters sake. I take after my beautiful blonde mother. Shes pretty ,her husband is cute , but the girl came out with her dads face. Seriously, Teresa needs to have her hairline raised by at least half an inch, maybe more. Evil fags get what evil fags so richly deserve. The PR machine is in full force though and you must believe she is beautiful and talented! Sometimes I think there are professional trolls who work tirelessly, including here, to divide us and stir up racial anger. Blue Ivy's billions will keep her company and drowning in hot men for the rest of her life. The same with the girls. No one said black people are ugly. I thought I told you to get therapist, Chicago. Whitney Houston who was a gorgeous black woman had Bobbi Christina with Bobby brown. I agree that these threads are tasteless and unnecessary, but sad truth is OP is just saying what most of us are thinking. And it doesn't work on a girl. Rumer Willis HAD the chin shaved and she's still fug. She's overwhelmingly average and lacking in intellect. I know very well. Or she could just do the Invanka Trump think and build a brand new face. BeYonce would like to think that everything she does is extraordinary. Beyonce is the most overrated famous person ever to walk the planet. No fuglies in my family. Baby must be a real letdown. Your racial preoccupation is in full swing, again. Who's really the ugly one? R79, you go March yourself right up to the top of this thread, young gayling. As crazy as he was, I can kind of see where Michael Jackson was coming from when he got his children to wear masks when they left the house. I found this place just out of high school 20 years ago but threads like this are just evil. Fugly Bobby fugly Bobbi. However, it's too early to tell what she'll look like in the future. You don't know who the fuck I am. The correct term is 'genetic Chernobyl'. R7, please, J is not a genetic mistake. I keep seeing this everywhere, people seem to think prefacing anything with "white" gives them carte blanche to be bigots. Why do the orangutans get so upset over anything negative said about this shrill no-talent hack? Not to mention Tom Cruise's spawn who must be about 12 years now, still being carried around by her mother. Where's the outrage for us monkeys?!?!?! Has nothing to do with race. Since the kid is neither hers nor her husband's, Bey shouldn't take its ugliness perfectly. Learn how to read cocksucker at R We know you bitches talk about us. Threads like this make me glad gay bashing is still somewhat accepted around the world. R67 is a professional victim. Of course she can't sue, because that's not a secret she wants publicized. So language has a nicer face but Grand Mama must be dying.{/PARAGRAPH} This thread is why some smart celebs refuse to have their children's picture taken. Fuck you and your kind, which is ugly. I will defend a little black girl from white homos who want to destroy this child's spirit. I open these threads looking for wit and humor. Are grown men actually debating the looks of a toddler and caller her 'Ugly' and 'it'??? Jay Z is hideous and the poor kid got his dominant genes. Can someone point me to that thread? {PARAGRAPH}She takes comfort in knwing they can afford plastic surgery when Blue hits Did she really think she could combine her genes with that genetic mistake of a husband and get a cute kid tho? R11, thanks for link. In truth, I've never seen a white kid as ugly as Blue Ivy. BeYAWNce always seems to take photos of the kid in silhouette. I wonder If people boycotting this thread and attacking OP have never say something bad about the kids they encountered IRL. Her crazy ghetto fans make the 40 and 50 something year old Madonna looney-loos seem normal by comparison. OP is an asshole. It's not the first time someone paid for a purebred and ended up with a mutt. What's "the racial element" in saying beyonce's kid is ugly? Don't count Blue Ivy out yet in the looks department. A friend of mine has the same exact situation. We've been saying Rumer Willis, Lourdes, Rocco, Sadie and others are ugly since they were paraded before cameras by their parents. When it's white children the racial element doesn't come up much. Some people just need the slightest opportunity and it goes right to "Please don't let them be Otherwise, when celebrities or perpetrators are white, it gets talked about based on the facts or "if he's cute". Girls tend to take after their fathers. This is the new thing huh? God is very merciful. Step it up, son. The baby, Alopecia, is the only cute one however ironic her name is. Halle Berry's mother is a fat ugly white woman and her father is a handsome black man Halle came out looking good. Could anyone have imagined that girls who grew up to look like their father Steven Tyler would be beautiful? She didn't even give birth to that ugly child. My father is a very handsome man and my sister got his looks and was a model.
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