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There were a lot of really nice looking girls. Negative side of this strip club is that restroom is still dirty and stinking. If you would like to submit a review for Electric Blue, click here. There was a variety of seating, including chairs by the dance area and some comfortable couches in the back. Porsche was a lot of fun and well worth the time for private dances.

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Blue is pretty descent, but it looks like crazy horse is on it's way to providing a more entertaining club. It was for 3 songs, and she provided some up close action. She also told me that more was available in the CR which I've been told by a few dancers, but I am ok with spending what I did for the service I got.

KpOLLlkA. Age: 33 yrs. Im strickly interested in casual sex, no more no less ive been heartbroken too many times before so all im looking for is a fling.

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Electric Blue - Strip Club Reviews

It kind of throws you off at first. The girls are friiendly. The place was a lot more crowded than I had expected, maybe because the baseball playoff game was on their very big screen TV. All of the girls did really well with both of us even made out with one. Your hands could wander except between the legs. As for the rest of the bar. Another girl is also nice to me but she was bit uncomfortable when I tried to touch her p. I have been to several clubs. As for the girls and lap dances. There were a lot of really nice looking girls. Most of the dancers were hispanic or brazillizian, or eastern europe. The waitreses were nice enough, however the bar staff was totaly rude. Her invitation to join her in the Champagne Room a semi-private area behind a wall next to the LD area - maybe with a friend along - merited serious attention, but my wallet had to say ''No''. Went on a saturday night. I have been there a number of times. She gave serious grindage in her LD, with a lot of hand action as well. Sometimes, when I come in alone, I don't get approached. The stage could be higher so you don't have to look down into the pit. There are no doors on the stalls and I have been there when the fixtures have been broken or something. Amber treated me very good even let me kiss her. They had curtains up to hide the contruction area. There isn't much action on stage and the girls will mostly sit on stage and talk to customers. The standout was Julie, a girl who clearly thought that a thong was wa-a-a-y too much clothing. You do face the open area. They totally let you touch in the private dances if you ask. We go every Friday now!! Just wish her service could have been quicker. We played pool and had alot of fun! None of them were pushy. Having bought a beer and being a little amazed by the girl dances on stage at once, I gradually settled into the pacing of the Blue. The floor also feels sticky. If I had my choice between this place or any place else the same distance away. Most of them were above average about 8 or 9's with one or two 10's and a couple of 6's. No fat or old women.{/PARAGRAPH} However, don't let that stop you from going. I was there a few months ago. The men's restroom really sucks. Upon Me and my wife departing, we ended our wonderfull experience at the blue with one final confrontation with a barmaid, who practicly demanded a tip from us, in which we never patronized her bar, we did tip the waitreses and dancers very generously, however I could not belive for one minute that I should have to leave a tip for a barmaid, who's only service provided was holding my credit card while we were there. She took dollars from me and gave me one dance and then disappeared. The LD area itself is fairly dark, except for the jukebox which is well lighted so the dancers can put in their songs. I have visited several times, and the experience varies. Fortunately, there were a lot of girls there as well, so I had my pick. It is the best club in NE CT, no question. The girls are OK and one girl named Jade actually looks sexy but she is not co-operative with customers. It doesn't hurt to ask. If they are good, I may buy two or 3 more songs. There were a couple of other dancers that barely went through the motions. All in all, a great visit, and a club I will definitely visit in the future. The LD area was open, but it looks like they are doing some construction along one of the walls. You sit in an upholstered chair inlittle private booths, along the walls, in the LD area. The atmosphere is very comfortable. Well worth the trip. She was wild and you had pretty much free reign just be a gentlemen about it. The drink service was slow, but the bartender was college girl type and she was smokin'. I feel a lot more welcome when girls ask for an ld, although I understand that sometimes rejection can be an issue. She was wearing a business suit type outfit with the skirt a little shorter than what would be acceptable in the business world. I went through some money, and tried the variety of dancers. The girls were all fairly pretty with decent bodies. Make sure you establish this price up front. This club really sucks and specially girl. The other most memorable dance was with this older dark haired, dancer named Melinda or Molita, hard to tell with slight accent. Me and my husband went here for the hell of it. She was nicely built and loved her job too. Some of them give first rate lap. I would choose this place. I was there a couple of hours. Went to the Electric Blue Cafe on a return from a business trip on a recent Friday afternoon. But keep trying, girls. That did not matter as she was really enjoying her work. I went there about a week ago, late in the week, about lunch time. There have been a few girls in the past who will try to rip you off. We listened to the hype on the radio, They made it sound like it was a mini me version of score's Our shoes stuck to the floor, and I dont think I even want to get into a mental recall of how Disgusting the restrooms were! Fortunately this place is reasonable. Most dancers will ask you for a dollar for the machine. I had a couple of memorable experiences. The stage is big and there are usually three dancers who each dance about 3 songs. One was a young blonde russian chick, with barely b-cups. You are enclosed by three walls and a ceiling, which is nice. The key to getting business is to make me feel you want me. You walk into the place and it is dark and you walk a about 15 feet up a dark hall past where the LD area is on your right. What she lacked up top she more than made up for in the LD. I have visited the club before. I feel it is worthy to visit there. Just yesterday I had two lap dances one with amber and another with a bond girl forgot her name. The place was pretty busy but still enough dancers. My favorite dance of the night was Vanessa she is so hott and I loved her accent! Anyway, they are usually very attractive girls here. Even bouncer didn't help to get my money back. Would have loved to LD with her. {PARAGRAPH}I visited EB on a Tuesday night right before shift change. She goes by Kate. They were coming up and asking you if you wanted a LD. Since U-Conn is not in session yet, there were not many college girls type. The dancers usually approach me in an inviting way, without being pushy or demanding. When we went in the staff was very friendly even asked is I wanted to get up there and dance. I was greeted by a dozen or so mostly 6s-8s during my time there, but I wanted to wait to see who really showed it during the stage dance. Maybe once U-Conn starts up they will get some american college girls. That is why I only agree to once dance up front, and see how they work for the money.
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CHanell. Age: 21. Ready to have some fun,and maybe find that someone special .Family is very important to me,looking for someone that is interested in trying new things but also shared interests.We all,hope to find...

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