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Though there are no disabled characters, there are extensive explorations of mental health issues, though as usual for The Candle Wasters, this is largely in subtext. She never mentioned him. Luckily for me, Kayla is gracious and patient and kind. She wonders if Logan knows that his precious girlfriend sent her brother a love letter. The Horan-Styles household in its entirety. Wh Academy wuthering heights literary web series liw liw love heathcliff cathy. He seems nervous, fidgeting with his rings and darting his eyes around the room.

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You just wait here, buddy. Do not give up hope! I love this life, love our life, and the freedom we have, but I miss it.

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Filter by post type All posts.{/PARAGRAPH} Fantabulous, especially since The Candle Wasters had an actual budget for this series. She puts up with my shit better than anyone, and I love her all the more for it. The one that sits in the very center of the couch, James, seems eager and bold for his five years. There is indeed a plot, but you have to hunt for it. And she loves to brag about all her friends. LGBT representation is also great, especially for a pre webseries: Though there are no disabled characters, there are extensive explorations of mental health issues, though as usual for The Candle Wasters, this is largely in subtext. We can start with Harry, and work our way down to Willie. She never mentioned him. Beatrice Duke — Harriett Maire harriettstella. Veronica softly smiles at Logan and gives his fingers a squeeze, her blue eyes look into his and he chuckles, shaking his head and returns her smile. The two eldest, twin boys who look just like Niall, crawl up on either side of him. I miss watching you grind on rails and shit just to get me riled up. Yay for realism and quality combined is all I can say. Freddie Kingston — Bonnie Simmonds bonniesimmonds. Not that they bloody stay in separate beds for longer than five seconds once I leave the room. I love this life, love our life, and the freedom we have, but I miss it. Luckily for me, Kayla is gracious and patient and kind. There are separate stickers for each individual character If you want to mix and match or whatever and a row of all of them together, and that one is available with a blue background for the sticker. And he knows I hate being called Willie. He wears glasses, unlike his brother, and there are no traces of any tattoos, temporary or otherwise, on his arms or legs. More serious musicians live in New York than Los Angeles anymore. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Like, straight-up not coded romantic asexual. Then Beatrice and Meg decide to road trip to Wellington, where, due to The Rules, they end of sleeping in a tent in the back garden along with Kit, another friend of the flat. Jimmy looks over towards where Harry is distracting Ava by pretending to munch on her fingers, and then nods. I can only blame myself for the Harry Potter obsession. Benedick Hobbes — Jake McGregor jakeasaurus—rex. He never thought it went beyond that. Created by The Candle Wasters thecandlewasters. Do you miss writing songs for yourself, instead of other people? This series has a much more experimental style than NMTD — several episodes use more than one camera angle, nearly every episodes has multiple characters in it, and is frequently filmed over multiple days and edited into non-chronological order — but there is still always a reason for the camera to be there and always a reason, in-universe, for it to have been edited and uploaded the way it was. {PARAGRAPH}Much as I love NMTD as my favorite adaptation of my favorite Shakespeare play, LBD for introducing me to the genre and the genre to the world, and so many other literary-inspired webseries for so many reasons, Lovely Little Losers will always be my favorite. Unfortunately, I am an easily distracted mess of a human being. Like — A documentary is different than a five minute interview. Why does Veronica always lure in all of the guys that she likes? This story started off in July as one of our many random conversations about the Narry plot-bunnies that spring into our heads. She wonders if Logan knows that his precious girlfriend sent her brother a love letter. She holds up her fingers, showing everyone just how old she is, and all four lads on-screen absolutely melt. It all makes perfect sense now. She bats her lashes at Weevil, stroking his face. Most recent Most popular Most recent. He stares at her, unsettled and annoyed. Several characters are not white at all Kit and Jaquie , and race just generally is a non-issue. Then we get to the question of whether certain other videos are songs. Every damn day, I miss it. Okay, so Kayla narrymusings and I have been discussing this story for a while. The songs themselves were mainly written by Reuben Hudson, Elsie Bollinger, and Maude Morris, with some help from other writers, and are performed mostly by Reuben Hudson and Mouce Young, with help from most of the rest of the cast. William smiles brightly at her, and Jimmy holds his hand up for her to high-five, which she does eagerly. A good, solid life. This is ordinarily not one of my categories, but in this case it is very necessary. He seems nervous, fidgeting with his rings and darting his eyes around the room. Harry and Niall have twin looks of adoration on their faces, the pride of parents radiating off of them palpably, even through the lens of a camera. Logan snorts, snickering as the couple settle down. I could get some decent sleep for once. There have also been a few other distractions along the way. Just a few dozen shows spread out over four months in America, and maybe Canada and the UK. Limited tour with plenty of time between shows to focus on the kids. You just wait here, buddy. Links to both playlists are below. One year, one album. Jimmy just smirks and settles back against the couch, rolling his eyes at the camera the moment Harry turns away. The characters from left to right: The pixel cast are finally available in sticker and t-shirt form on red bubble!!! Niall reaches out and catches him before he walks straight into the corner of the counter. I miss singing somewhere other than the shower. The Horan-Styles household in its entirety. I think it could be absolutely huge, and I think we could make one hell of a comeback with this song. Jimmy bursts into the room, wild-eyed, and Harry just points towards where Ava ran off towards. Freddie, Benedick, Peter, and Balthazar sign a bunch of ridiculous flat rules that at first seem like a good idea and quickly spiral out of control. Balthazar Jones — Reuben Hudson reubenhudson. Freddie and Ben decide to impose some order on the flat with a set of absurd flat rules that everyone has to follow, including a curfew, vegetarianism and vegan Fridays , Ben getting to film everything, imposed flat bonding in the form of challenges, and the worst rule of all, no romantic relationships, aka no shenanigans. This dedication to realism made things that much more difficult for The Candle Wasters, but it also adds hugely to the value of the series. Do not give up hope! The meaning of his words is made apparent right away when three more bodies throw themselves into view, scrambling over each other to take their places on the couch as well. Unaware to the reuniting friends, Logan and Lilly were looking at them with looks crossed between surprise, annoyance and anger. Apart from those moments, the inspiration mostly just creates the premise and the names of certain characters. If you have any questions or comments or anything really please ask or message me! The premise is simple: Benedick, Balthazar, and Pedro now going by Peter from Nothing Much To Do are going to university in Wellington and living in a flat together with the lovely and awkward Freddie Kingston. All I can say is, despite its surface flaws, LoLiLo is not only my favorite webseries but also only of my favorite pieces of literature of all time. It can also be frustrating that certain things like apologies are never said on camera, but we can blame realism for that. Off the charts dedicated. I could use a rest. The twins practically have to be wrestled into their sleep clothes, let alone their beds. She lets her other hand rub on top of their intertwined fingers. Has anyone noticed this like re-emergence of old LIWs. First Logan and now Weevil. Peter Donaldson — Caleb Wells letslipthedogsofwar. Has it been long enough that I could call and ask Siegfried and Roy about their pet tigers? She shrugs, nodding her head. He thinks we could have a real shot, just from the demo of our song. Ok my webseries peeps, you all have to read this. I had no idea Jimmy would turn him into a weapon of mass destruction. As I mentioned above, many, many episodes of LLL are actually songs. He remembers how shitty it felt to be the powerless kid who needed to be protected. This fic is the result of her patience and my rambling mind.
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Quiteria. Age: 19yo. Im funny, outgoing, i love to laugh and make others around smile or laugh as well. I like kissing and hugging. I always aim to please. Crocdundee36 is where u can reach yahoo. cant wait to hear from...

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